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Flannel Fabric Options and Styles

Flannel fabric is perfect for quilting, and with the colder weather, making it unpleasant to be outdoors, creating your own quilt can be a fun hobby to undertake. There are many options you have when it comes to fabric, however, flannel fabric is the ultimate choice for a cozy, warm comforter or bedspread.

Flannel Fabric
Flannel Fabric


Whether you want to create a modern, geometric or abstract quilt, a pretty cot quilt out of baby flannel fabric, or a traditional plaid flannel fabric quilt, there are plenty of exciting, unique options to choose from in your local fabric stores or online.

When you go about selecting the fabric you will use for your quilt, the first thing you will want to do is have a clear idea of what you want the quilt to look like and what the color scheme should be.

If you want to create a more traditional country-style quilt, you should choose plainer, primary colors like red, green, blue and yellow, and always use plaid with a complimentary floral and an almost solid color. Zig zag patterns and triangular cut pieces also work for this style.

For a more modern style, you can opt for bolder colors and patterns with an abstract print. Wide stripes are great to use, and often look brilliant paired with complimentary solid colors.

Choose 4 different flannel fabrics, such as navy blue and white stripes, a denim print, pale blue floral with either a white or navy background and set it all off with a completely different color check like red.

Why Choose Flannel Fabric?

Flannel Fabric
Flannel Fabric

Due to the intricate nature of quilts, the fabric chosen should always be 100% cotton. Flannel is brushed cotton that is predominantly used in winter for sheeting and the like, but is ideal for quilting because of its natural texture. It will not slip or pull as you are sewing it, and it will give you a high quality finished product.

Baby Flannel Fabric

For the arrival of your little one, there are some excellent baby flannel fabric options for boys and girls that include gingham, polka dots, stripes, and prints. The best prints of baby quilts are smaller, more delicate prints which can boast pictures of teddy bears, butterflies, flowers, or other cute animals.

If you want to go for a larger, bolder print, you should choose something that is still cute and make sure that you combine this with flannel fabric that is more demure.

Think about combining large alphabet letters with squares of plain flannel, tiny polka dot flannel, and a narrow gingham pattern. To make your baby quilt even better, you should add some stain borders around each block and around the entire quilt.

Christmas Flannel Fabric

There are a huge variety of Christmas flannel quilting fabric options to choose from, you can make everyone in your family a beautiful quilt for Christmas. Aside from the traditional images like holly leaves, candy canes, snowmen and Christmas trees, more modern quilts can be created using dark maroon instead of the traditional bright red, hunter green, candy stripe, and a matching tartan or plaid flannel fabric.

Halloween Flannel Fabric

Similarly, you can find great Halloween flannel fabric for quilting which is fun, contemporary and perfect for any age. Think about colors and patterns for adult quilts and choose one or two cute or scary prints for kid’s quilts.

How Much Flannel Fabric Do I Need?

You will need to work out how much fabric you need in order to make your flannel quilt, which means that you need to decide on the size of each square, and then measure the bed and how big you want the quilt to be. Most quilts hang close to the floor and often allow for a pillow tuck, which means that you need to purchase fabric by the yard.

Flannel Fabric Pattern Ideas

Once you have chosen the styles, colors and designs of flannel fabric that you want to include in your quilt, you will need to then think about the pattern that you are going to use. There are many different patterns which can either be symmetrical with certain prints or images set in the corners of the quilt, or it can be completely asymmetrical and random, which is extremely popular nowadays.

How to Put your Quilt Together

With all the colors, fabrics, designs, and styles selected, now all that is left to do is put the quilt together. It does not take a lot to become a good quilter, just patience and precision, as you will have to sew each square one by one and make sure that they are all exactly the same size so that you get a perfectly shaped quilt.

You should leave a half inch on each piece of flannel fabric square you cut which will be for the hem, and decide whether you want to separate each square with a small border of some kind. Once you have the pattern laid out in front of you, pin the center squares together and sew them. Then continue outwards pinning and sewing each row to ensure that you get everything as even as possible.

Once you have finished the entire front of the quilt, you will need to attach the batting to the inside of it. Some batting is iron on, making it much easier to work with, otherwise you will need to pin the edges to the front of the quilt and then pin the backing fabric to it as well.

Make sure that you leave a wide enough section around the outside of your quilt for this. The backing fabric is usually just one piece of fabric in a solid color that matches the quilt, but for something funky you could choose a striped fabric, or a patterned print that you really like. To make a statement, choose a bright solid color that is not featured in the quilt at all.

So, for instance, if your baby flannel fabric is all pinks, whites, yellows and creams, choose blue or purple for your backing. Not only does this look cool, but gives you more options when you want to try out different decorating ideas.

Flannel fabric quilting choices should reflect your style and personality, and fit in with the theme of your bedroom, in order to give you the best look.


Flannel is a soft woven fabric , of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often

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